Sky Lane, Bangkok, Thailand

By Unfound Bangkok 31 May 2019

If you are ever in Bangkok, for business, holiday, or just passing through, you must check out the Sky Lane – or as it is now officially known, the ‘Happy and Healthy Bike Lane’, around the Suvarnabhumi Airport. It’s so convenient, and with bike hire available there too, you could even break a stopover should you be waiting between flights.

The Sky Lane is a world class facility and the first time you ride there, you are left perplexed as to why governments around the world aren’t scurrying to provide similar facilities. The 23.5 km track is a wide two lane road and strikingly blue, with a second two purple lanes for ‘fast’ groups or riders. Despite being around the airport, it’s actually surprisingly scenic and not as industrial as you’d think. You pass lakes and grasslands. At the ‘village’ there are shops, cafes and restaurants to cater for all.

As you ride around the track, you notice the vast array of types of cyclists and cycling abilities. Different bikes, different focuses. For some, a single loop is probably a challenge but this is also somewhere you could, and people do, specific structured training or race paced efforts.

Despite its popularity and the spread of abilities and types, everyone is so courteous and respectful to each other. It leaves an impression on you and makes you wonder, would it be the same elsewhere in the world and is this one of the reasons we don’t see more of them globally?

It works in Thailand, culturally that’s how it is and that’s testament to the land of a million smiles. If you are in Bangkok, don’t miss out, get yourself to the Sky Lane. It’s easy to do and well worth seeing.

Total distance: 24.06 km
Max elevation: 38 m
Total climbing: 3 m
Total time: 00:44:29