Wolfi’s Friday Morning Ride, Dubai

By Robert Diehl Dubai 18 April 2018

Our main ride takes place on a Friday morning starting from District One Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park to Academic City and back.

The Friday Ride meets at District One/Nad al Sheba Cycle Park at 5:30 a.m. in the Summer months and at 6:00 a.m. in the Winter. The group heads out on the roads and highways to Academic City and back. This start time changes twice a year when the temperature changes.

The group regularly consists of around 150 riders and we start with a lap of Nad Al Sheba before heading out down Meydan Road. While on Meydan Road we will split the group into two smaller groups for safety reasons. Do not be alarmed by this split, as we will all stop at the 45 km point to regroup. The two groups ride at the same speed with a one minute time gap between them and both reach the water stop at 45 km. After a brief stop, the group is then split into three ride distances of approximately 85 km steady, 85 km fast and a 120 km route.

To join this ride you should feel comfortable riding in a large group, be able to complete the 85 km and keep a pace of 32-38 km p/h. We encourage all those who join the ride to observe an acceptable cycling etiquette, be courteous to other riders in the group and roll through and take your turn on the front of the bunch.

About Wolfi’s Bike Shop

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We have a Facebook Page where we communicate regular information which can be found in the link below.

Total distance: 87.1 km
Max elevation: 49 m
Total climbing: 230 m
Total time: 02:37:13
Wolfis Friday Morning Ride.gpx