The Rossfeld Panoramic Road, Germany

By Tom Elpunkt Bavarian Alps 27 March 2019

The most iconic road for Tom Lindner in his hometown of Salzburg, Austria, is the Rossfeld Panoramic Road. It’s not actually in Salzburg, but a stone’s throw away in the Bavarian Alps, Germany.

The Rossfeld Panoramic Road (Rossfeld Panoramastrasse) is a toll road which means you come across a lot less traffic in comparison to some of the other alpine roads in the area.

For the first part there are many options as to where to start the climb from. It is possible to get up from Hallein (on the Austrian side); or Marktschellenberg or Berchtesgaden (both on the Bavarian side). Personally, I prefer the climb from Marktschellenberg. Fun fact: the Strava segment is called ‘Bilderbuchclimb’ which means ‘picture book climb’. And the name is absolutely perfect! The first part is a picturesque ride side by side with some small farms and outstanding views to Watzmann Mountain. Once you have done the first part – which is around 7 km – there is some time for a rest for the legs. Enjoy the view and get ready for the big part!

Fun fact: the Strava segment is called ‘Bilderbuchclimb’ which means ‘picture book climb’. And the name is absolutely perfect!

You now start to go up for 11.25 km with an average gradient of 7.2%; gaining over 800 m of elevation! The first part is easy going, but don’t attack too hard! The last 2.1 km are really nasty with a 10.1% average and some nice switchbacks.

Don’t forget to breathe and look around; the mountain views are really impressive! You are riding next to Hoher Göll with 2,522 m and a lot of other surrounding mountains. Just stop and have a great view to Bavaria on the left and Salzburg to the right. Dachstein Glacier and Eagles Nest are the highlights of these views.

Once at the top there is a small shop to grab a coffee or a homemade cake. Then it is time to get your wind vest closed or to throw on an extra layer for the downhill section; nearly 15 km of perfect tarmac and high speed straight sections!

If you are ever near Salzburg, just try to climb this awesome piece of alpine road. It may be the only good thing the Nazis ever built!

About Tom

Tom Lindner (a.k.a Tom Elpunkt) is a Road and Gravel cyclist and one of Unfound’s ‘Super Contributors’. He is an Ambassador for Serk Cycling and Attacus Cycling Apparel. His mantra is to “Get inspired, not influenced!”

Total distance: 66.72 km
Max elevation: 1539 m
Total climbing: 1366 m
Total time: 03:56:57
Rossfeld Panoramic Road.gpx